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DRI Insurance Policy Rescission Compendium


DRI Insurance Policy Rescission Compendium

March 2019
Sarah J. Delaney

Sarah J. Delaney and┬áJonathan L. Schwartz, partners in the firm’s Global Insurance Services practice, served as co-editors in chief of DRI’s new Insurance Policy Rescission Compendium. The compendium is a joint project between the DRI Insurance Law Committee and the DRI Life, Health, and Disability Committee, and combines the experience of attorneys who regularly litigate and advise clients on issues relating to rescission of insurance policies.

This compendium, which surveys the law on insurance policy rescission in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 10 provinces in Canada, is a comprehensive resource for insurance carriers, claim professionals, defense and coverage counsel, and the judiciary.

Read the compendium: