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“Ethical Implications of Posting Video Depositions Online,” PLUS Journal

January 2016
Seth L. Laver

“Many of today’s media sensations often arise from a ‘private’ moment finding its way to the internet,” writes Seth L. Laver, a partner in Goldberg Segalla’s Professional Liability Practice Group.

“Granted, some of these well-publicized moments are venued in a celebrity’s bedroom, but there are plenty involving the courtroom as well. Justin Bieber’s infamous deposition footage is perhaps the most recent example of a celebrity’s videotaped deposition that drew national attention. Other well-known deponents include Tupac Shakur, Bill Cosby, Lil Wayne, and Larry Flynt. Regardless of your level of interest in celebrity testimony, the fact that these depositions have reached the public eye is worthy of further investigation.”

In this article written for the journal of the Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS), Seth examines how the Rules of Professional Conduct governing attorneys impact video depositions and provide guidance on the limitations placed upon attorneys who intend to use deposition footage outside of the courtroom.

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