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“Exploring the Limits of OSHA’s Inspection Authority: A Precursor to Exercising Your Rights,” IndustryWeek

April 4, 2014

“If an OSHA inspector, known as a compliance safety and health officer (CSHO), arrives at your door, presents his or her credentials, and asks for you to consent to an inspection of your workplace, what do you do?” writes Michael Rubin, special counsel in Goldberg Segalla’s OSHA and Worksite Safety Practice Group.

“If you consent, what should you expect to happen next? And if you refuse to consent, then what? Obviously it would be wishful thinking to conclude that the CSHO would simply leave, bid you good day and never come back.”

In this article, Michael examines critical questions companies need to answer before, during, and after an OSHA inspection, in order to gain an understanding of the limits of OSHA’s inspection authority and a clear understanding of the process.

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