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“For Now, Drones Will Fly the Uncertain Skies,” ABA Minority Trial Lawyer

May 19, 2015
Joseph M. Hanna

“If the emergence of drones into our normal day lives up to all the hype, it may soon be hard to go anywhere without seeing one,” writes Joseph M. Hanna, a partner in Goldberg Segalla’s Business and Commercial Practice Group.

“But for now, a formal federal framework for regulating drones—the remotely controlled aircraft formally known as unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aerial systems (UASs)—remains up in the air. That means the legal and regulatory challenges for businesses that want to utilize drones will likely be endless as well.”

In this article, Joe explores the status and potential impact of proposed federal rules, along with the role local and state guidance will play, as companies and public entities explore the expanding array of drone applications.