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“Home Is Where the Office Is: Ethical Implications of the Virtual Office,” ABA Professional Liability Newsletter

Spring 2014
Seth L. Laver

“The practice of law is changing. More to the point, how and where attorneys operate has changed with recent technological developments,” writes Seth L. Laver, a partner in Goldberg Segalla’s Professional Liability Practice Group.

“At first, many professionals took advantage of these developments while temporarily away from the office at meetings, vacations, or other shorter out-of-office stints. However, this model has drawn interest from attorneys who now opt never to set foot in a traditional office again and instead operate permanent ‘virtual offices.’”

In this article, Seth examines the way real-world implementation of a “virtual law office” must be accompanied by consideration of the professional duties imposed on every attorney. The article explores how many state professional-responsibility organizations have weighed in with ethical guidance for the attorney who opts to establish a practice outside the confines of the traditional office.