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“How Lawyers Can Help Clients Prevent Sexual Abuse and Handle Claims” | Buffalo Law Journal

Recent and high-profile cases like that of Larry Nassar at Michigan State University “offer plenty of reasons for administrators and others in positions of power to review their policies and procedures for preventing sexual abuse and handling claims,” write Goldberg Segalla’s Michael E. Appelbaum and Christina G. Holdsworth — beginning with addressing their duty “to protect fellow employees and those they serve by utilizing and meticulously following comprehensive hiring practices.”

Here in their recent Buffalo Law Journal column, Mike and Christina outline several key steps any business or institution should take to prevent such events from occurring, along with addressing them head-on when they are discovered, seeking appropriate counsel for investigations, and avoiding public scrutiny and potential liability.

Read the article here:

How Lawyers Can Help Clients Prevent Sexual Abuse and Handle Claims,” Buffalo Law Journal, February 20, 2018