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“Professional Liability Litigation and Reputation Risk,” DRI’s The Voice

November 2, 2016
Jonathan S. Ziss

“More so today than perhaps ever before, reputations, both personal and professional, are exposed to grievous harm,” writes Jonathan S. Ziss, a partner in Goldberg Segalla’s Professional Liability and Cyber Risk Practice Groups. “The explanation for this may lie in the volatile mix of quicksilver digital media and an increasingly uncivil level of civil discourse. Mass and social media absorb and release bad news with astonishing speed — especially embarrassing bad news.”

In this article, Jonathan explores a number of best practices, proactive measures, and insurance market solutions available to defense lawyers and their professional-services clients to help manage reputational risk.

“Claims can be mediated or arbitrated or tried,” he writes. “Reputations, however, elude these processes, and they must be worked with an entirely different set of tools. Make sure that you have them in hand.”

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