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Professional Liability Monthly – March Edition is Now Available


Professional Liability Monthly – March Edition is Now Available

March 17, 2014

Click here to access the latest edition of Professional Liability Monthly.

Case analysis in this edition of include:
  • Court Refuses Design Professional’s Bid to Avoid Liability Reliant on Future Inspection or Approvals
  • A Plaintiff’s Complaint Alleging Defamation and Violations of Connecticut’s Unfair Trade Practices Act Is Stricken Under the Absolute Litigation Privilege
  • Pennsylvania Enacts Benevolent-Gesture Bill Into Law
  • Evidence of Informed Consent Inadmissible in Medical Malpractice Case
  • Case of First Impression: Plaintiffs Lack Standing to Bring Malicious Prosecution/Vexatious Litigation Actions Against Attorneys and Attorneys’ Clients
  • Court Finds Theory of Apparent Agency Applicable in Medical Malpractice Context
  • Fiduciary Duty Claims and Trade Violations Brought by Individual Unit Owners Not Permitted Against Directors of Condominium Association
  • Pennsylvania Superior Court Upholds Transfer of 19 Asbestos Suits From Philadelphia County to Northampton County
  • Claims Against Horse Instructor Not Professional Negligence
Featured articles include:
  • Liability Risks of Electronic Health Records
  • Guidance For Agents Regarding E&O Exposure