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Professional Liability Monthly – October Edition is Now Available

October 16, 2013

Featured headlines in this edition of Professional Liability Monthly:

  • Plaintiff’s Accounting Malpractice Claim Dismissed
  • NJ Supreme Court Retaliation Decision “Mixed Bag” For Employers
  • District Court Addresses Facebook Posts Under Stored Communications Act
  • Court Finds Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician Is Not a “Similar Health Care Provider”
  • PA Supreme Court Rules MCARE Fund May Be Required to Make Multiple Payouts in Single Case
  • Pennsylvania Court Dismisses Suit for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction
  • Appellate Court Finds Claim Sounds in Ordinary Negligence Rather Than Medical Malpractice
  • Pennsylvania’s Certificate of Merit Requirement in Federal Court
  • Court Permits Plaintiff to Discontinue Underlying Medical Malpractice Action and Sue His Attorneys Instead
  • Plaintiffs Are Not Entitled to Collect Attorneys’ Fees for Prosecuting Legal Malpractice Action
  • Sixth Circuit Addresses the Applicability of Exclusions

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