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“Stormy Weather: An Analysis of Snow and Ice Defenses,” New York Law Journal

September 24, 2015

With winter just around the corner, property owners across New York State will soon brace for blasts of snow and ice — plus the potential avalanche of personal injury litigation that may follow. And with a three-year statute of limitations in place, last year’s epic winter may continue to impact them as well.

In this installment of the New York Law Journal’s Outside Counsel column, Goldberg Segalla  General Liability Practice Group attorneys Ellen H. Greiper and Marvin N. Romero explore defenses property owners can utilize in such actions brought due to snow and ice conditions — including the “storm in progress defense.” Ellen and Marvin examine how jurisdictions in New York have ruled on issues such as how a lull in a storm may impact future litigation, what is considered a “reasonable time” after cessation of a storm, whether the mere presence of ice can establish negligence, and much more.

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