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“Who Are You Calling Miscellaneous? Professional Liability Insurance for This Booming Service Sector,” Litigation Management

Winter 2012

“Question: What do these job classifications have in common: credit counselor, interior decorator, answering service, ticket broker and auctioneer?,” asks this article co-authored by Goldberg Segalla partner Jonathan S. Ziss.

“Answer: In the eyes of the insurance industry they are all ‘miscellaneous professionals.’ … The insurance markets have recognized the exposure of miscellaneous professionals to claims of negligence in the performance of their services — or malpractice. The industry has responded to this need with professional liability insurance for miscellaneous professionals (MPL insurance).”

This article highlights common attributes among claims against miscellaneous professionals, scenarios that may trigger coverage under an MPL policy, common exclusions, and more.

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Reprinted with permission from the Winter 2012 issue of Litigation Management. For more information about the magazine or the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance, please visit