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Ashlyn Capote Finds Success and Community at Goldberg Segalla


Ashlyn Capote Finds Success and Community at Goldberg Segalla

May 5, 2023
Ashlyn M. Capote


A decade into her legal career, Ashlyn M. Capote has emerged as a skilled and respected figure in the practice of insurance law.

She’s risen to the position of partner in Goldberg Segalla’s Global Insurance Services practice group. She’s an accomplished litigator who serves as a trusted adviser to insurers on complex coverage matters. And she’s a prolific writer and frequent speaker on the wide range of legal issues confronting the insurance-coverage industry.

Not bad at all for someone who will tell you: “I started practicing insurance coverage somewhat as an accident.”

“I was in a field that was very similar when I started practicing insurance coverage, and how it was explained to me was that it was very good for people that tend to be extremely analytical and detail oriented,” said Ashlyn, a Michigan native and 2012 graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.

“I quickly found that it very much appealed to me and was a very good fit. I get to spend a lot of time really digging into complex issues. It’s very much like putting together a very complex puzzle. It can be kind of fun and challenging when you’re doing it and then very rewarding at the end.”

Though her foray into insurance law may have been accidental, it wasn’t long before Ashlyn was looking to take her practice “to the next level.” Goldberg Segalla, she decided, was the perfect fit.

“What really appealed to me is there is access to a lot of different resources,” said Ashlyn, noting that in coming to the firm she was exposed to a wider range of opportunity which enabled her to grow her practice.

Still, despite the firm’s nationwide presence and roster of 400+ attorneys, she said there’s a sense of community at Goldberg Segalla. Instrumental in fostering that environment is a commitment to mentorship, which not only helps young lawyers navigate their new careers but also enables them to build important relationships with senior attorneys, said Ashlyn, who serves in a leadership role in the firm’s Woman’s Initiative.

“I am from a very small town and I like that Goldberg Segalla has some of that small-town feel to it. I genuinely enjoy the people I work with, and over the course of the last few years, have been able to really develop a lot of special friendships. It makes practicing law that much easier when you like to come to work every day.”