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Curiosity, Creativity, and Charity: Meet Kenneth A. Matuszewski


Curiosity, Creativity, and Charity: Meet Kenneth A. Matuszewski

June 24, 2022
Kenneth A. Matuszewski

Kenneth A. Matuszewski, also known as Kenny, has been an associate in Goldberg Segalla’s Intellectual Property group in Chicago for a little over a year. Kenny’s practice primarily consists of patent litigation, but every day varies. One day he might be writing a memo on patent law, the next he might be drafting briefs for various cases, and the day after that he might be researching emerging trends in the worlds of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, or cutting-edge electronics.

Curiosity, research, and the scientific method, have each had a large role in Kenny’s interests and legal career thus far. After he completed a double major in Biological Sciences and Spanish at the University of Notre Dame for his first Bachelor’s degree, he weighed a number of possible options. However, he decided to pursue his J.D. at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, where an internship with a solo patent practitioner paved the way for Kenny’s focus on intellectual property law. This focus motivated Kenny to not only work in the field of intellectual property law after law school, but also obtain his second Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University. For a vast majority of his Computer Science studies, Kenny worked full-time as an intellectual property lawyer. This ultimately led him to Goldberg Segalla in May 2021.

Upon reflection, Kenny has “enjoyed and appreciated that the firm has given me many substantive opportunities and chances to succeed. Whether it’s participating in oral arguments or digging into a patent’s file history, the work is always interesting. But most importantly, it has allowed me to grow leaps and bounds as an attorney, compared to where I was even a year ago.”

Members of the Intellectual Property group reside in seven of the firm’s 22 offices, and Kenny appreciates that technology gives him the ability to work with practice area colleagues across the United States seamlessly. He also enjoys getting to know and appreciate his Chicago office colleagues’ practices. While they differ from his day-to-day, “everyone in the Chicago office is kind and great to know.”

Outside the legal profession, Kenny is a lifelong musician, having played the piano, trumpet, tuba, mandolin, ukulele, and more! While he was at Notre Dame, Kenny played tuba in the marching band, and has continued to do so (along with euphonium) in the Chicago Bar Association’s Symphony Orchestra and Barrister’s Big Band. Since 2016, he has combined his appreciation for music and performing arts with his legal expertise by serving as a volunteer attorney for the non-profit Lawyers for the Creative Arts. LCA provides pro bono legal services, resources, and education to artists and art organizations across all practice areas. He also serves as the Treasurer for LCA’s Associate Board.

Kenny is also an active member of the Chicago Bar Association as both a leader and an organizer, and currently serves as the Second Vice Chair of the Young Lawyers Section. He will automatically ascend and become the Chair of the YLS in June 2024. Before that, Kenny planned and participated in the YLS Most Fit Lawyer Competition back in May—the first since February 2020. Competitors faced a gauntlet of high-intensity speed rounds, and competed to see who could complete the most pushups, squats, sit-ups, rope jumps, lateral cone drills, and free throws in 60 seconds. The competition doubled as a fundraiser, and all proceeds were donated to Lawyers in the Classroom. Lawyers in the Classroom pairs educators with attorneys to provide learning opportunities for young students in Chicago Public Schools. He realized that the competition could make a great fundraiser because “lawyers can be a naturally competitive bunch.” So, he decided to put that competitive energy to use, and decided to enter the trenches with his fellow competitors both out of solidarity, and a chance to showcase his efforts after nearly a year of consistent metabolic workouts. While he placed in the middle of the pack this year, Kenny knew he significantly improved compared to his performance two years ago, and looks forward to the next competition.

Ultimately, Kenny believes young attorneys should make openness to new opportunities a cornerstone as they begin their careers and get involved in their communities. He recommends people to “say yes to many things at first because you don’t know what an opportunity may present you. It could be potentially the best thing in the world for you and your career, but you may not know that now. But if you are curious, flexible, creative, and consider both the medium-term and long-term future, that will take your legal career a long way.” Despite Kenny’s successes inside and outside the firm so far, he knows it has only just begun, and looks forward to seeing how he can continue helping the firm grow and succeed.