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Driven and Grateful, William H. Hython has Found a Home at Goldberg Segalla


Driven and Grateful, William H. Hython has Found a Home at Goldberg Segalla

February 17, 2023
William H. Hython

Will Hython’s entrance into the legal profession didn’t exactly take place at the most opportune time for a young attorney, coinciding, as luck would have it, with the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Will recalls, he was “forced to figure out some aspects of the law on my own” at a point when most young attorneys have someone on whom to lean. Yet, while beginning his career during a pandemic certainly was not ideal, the challenges he was forced to confront, he said, ultimately made him a stronger attorney.

Fortunately, Will isn’t navigating his career alone today. Since joining Goldberg Segalla’s Syracuse office in January 2022 where he works as an attorney in the firm’s Commercial Litigation and Arbitration practice group, he’s not only found an environment that’s rich in support, but also, in a sense, a home away from home.

“Despite its large size, GS has a familial culture,” said Will. “Seemingly any attorney is reachable at a moment’s notice, whether they are in your office, or on the other side of the country.

“The attorneys have a wonderful bond, and I can knock on anyone’s door with questions,” he added. “I know this is not always easy at a firm this large, so I value the relationships that I’ve formed over the past year.”

Particularly helpful to Will has been Goldberg Segalla’s commitment to mentorship, which has ensured there is always someone to whom he can turn as he navigates the profession.

“Both Ken Alweis and Aaron Schiffrik, especially, have gone out of their way to show me subtle tips that I believe have progressed my skills as an attorney,” Will said of the two GS partners. “I am extremely grateful to them.”

So grateful, in fact, that Will has made it a point to return the favor.

“I try to act as a mentor for anyone younger than me aspiring to join the profession,” he said. “There are always aspects to any profession that are only learned with experience, and I think the legal profession embodies that more than anything. With that in mind, it is definitely helpful to have a mentor in certain situations, and I always enjoy serving as one for anyone who needs it.”

That spirit of giving back extends to his time outside of work as well.

Will serves as a board member of the Brady Faith Center, a nonprofit organization that works to meet the spiritual, educational, and social needs of individuals and families in the Syracuse area, where he resides with his wife Lily, and their 5-month-old son, Ace.

“I grew up in Baldwinsville and have been around Syracuse my entire life. This nonprofit means a lot to me personally,” said Will, “Seeing what they have been able to do, helping countless individuals in the city of Syracuse – socially, financially, and spiritually – has been amazing to see, and I am honored to be a part of their board.”

Before obtaining his Juris Doctor from the University at Buffalo School of Law, Will attended Union College where he played Division III basketball, racking up more than 1,000 points during a stellar collegiate hoops career.

That thirst to win on the court easily translated into a thirst to win in the courtroom.

“I have always thrived in a competitive setting,” Will said. “The legal profession fits right into this competitive mindset.”

Will focuses his daily practice on commercial litigation, and labor and employment, as well as construction- and contractual-related matters. He is also a member of the firm’s Diversity Task Force, on which he advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal industry.

“Since my time in law school, it seems that there has been an increased mentioning of the term ‘diversity and inclusion’ in the legal world. This recognition and focus is important, but it’s equally as important that plans and initiatives are actually followed through logistically and sincerely,” he said.

“Specific places like GS and other reputable firms in the state and nationwide have obviously played a huge role in (advancing) this, but it will take the legal industry as a whole to follow through on continuing to grow the diversity and inclusion of the profession. There are countless talented, diverse lawyers out there who want to do the best possible work they can for clients, and we as an industry owe it to those clients to provide them with the best legal assistance as possible.”

Reflecting on his decision to join Goldberg Segalla, Will said the firm “has been everything that I hoped it would be.” And, the spirit of collaboration, partnership and relationship-building which the firm promotes is one that Will extends to those he represents.

“Putting in extra time or developing a theory that others may not think is important can be the difference between success and failure, and that drives me to be the best possible litigant that I can be for my clients,” said Will. “We have great clients here at GS, and I love the work that I get to do for them every day, which is all I can ask for as an attorney.”