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Fracking Worker Alleges Toxic-Related Injuries From Chemicals


Fracking Worker Alleges Toxic-Related Injuries From Chemicals

October 11, 2011

A West Virginia worker commenced a personal injury lawsuit in the West Virginia district court against Schlumberger Technology Corp. of Texas, Consol Energy, its subsidiaries and others. Plaintiff Savatore M. Bombardiere, Sr. alleges that his exposure to fracking chemicals while working in Pennsylvania caused him to suffer significant personal injuries, including burns, deformity and scarring. He further claims that the defendants failed to provide him with adequate protective gear.

Certain of the defendants filed motions seeking a change of venue to Pennsylvania, where the incident occurred. The court denied the motion to change venue on various grounds and further held that Pennsylvania state substantive tort law would govern the matter.

Trial of the case is currently scheduled for November of 2012. Further developments in the case will be reported here.

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