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Goldberg Segalla’s Bilal Chaudry: Guided by a Sense of Responsibility and a Love of Learning


Goldberg Segalla’s Bilal Chaudry: Guided by a Sense of Responsibility and a Love of Learning

May 19, 2023
Bilal Chaudry

Bilal Chaudry is a lifelong learner.

As a newly elevated partner in Goldberg Segalla’s General Liability group, Bilal is constantly growing in his career, taking on fresh challenges by expanding the reach of his practice into new areas of law. He is a problem solver at his core, and his love of helping others is what drew him to the legal profession.

“I love being able to wake up every day to a new challenge and help people while doing what I love,” Bilal said.

His love for helping people comes from a sense of guiding responsibility. He knows that clients entrust him with extremely important matters, and as such, he is committed to continuing to learn and grow to provide exceptional service to his clients.

Bilal’s care for those he represents, and commitment to working collaboratively with them, is also part of his perspective and appreciation for diversity in the legal industry.

“Everyone deserves to be represented by someone who understands their values and what is important to them,” he said.

In fact, Goldberg Segalla’s unyielding work in promoting diversity, and making a conscious and continual effort toward inclusion, is one of the reasons Bilal joined the firm of which he says he’s proud to be part.

“Right from the beginning, it felt like I was becoming a part of a big family. I felt welcomed and appreciated,” he said. “Although it is a national firm with hundreds of attorneys and employees, the firm treats each employee as an individual and strives to make the work as rewarding as possible.”

Currently, Bilal is working across transportation law, environmental law, and more. A typical day for him might start with a deposition or court conference, and then an afternoon of case reviews and drafting legal documents. He works closely with senior partners and appreciates their dedication to checking in with him.

“Just knowing that the senior partners care about how you feel, and if you are enjoying your work, shows that they value your opinion and want to make sure you are doing what you love,” he said. Those partners also serve as mentors to Bilal, and contribute to his commitment to continued legal learning.

“For me, a mentor is someone you can learn from, and throughout my career I have learned from everyone I have worked with. Whether it is a senior partner, an associate, a paralegal or a legal assistant, I have learned so much from everyone,” he said.

In addition to learning much from those around him, Bilal is also proud to share his experience and insights with his fellow attorneys to serve as a mentor as well.

“Everyone has had different experiences,” Bilal said, “and everyone has something useful to offer.”