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Hydrofracking Chemicals: Pennsylvania Considering Public Disclosure Requirements; Federal Disclosure Regs Forthcoming

October 11, 2011
Pennsylvania To Consider Legislation Requiring Public Disclosure of Chemicals Used In Fracking Process

Pennsylvania State Representative Garth Everett announced that he plans to introduce legislation that would require oil and gas companies to reveal additional information regarding the chemicals used in the hydraulic fracking process. The information would be provided to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for posting on its website. If the legislation is passed, Pennsylvania would join Texas, Montana and other states that have adopted public disclosure of the chemicals used in the fracking process.   

Department of Interior to Issue Regulations Regarding Fracking Chemicals

The United States Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar recently stated during an interview that the Interior Department would be issuing regulations within a month that would require energy companies that are conducting hydraulic fracking on public land to disclose the chemicals used in the process. Secretary Salazar indicated that the regulation would balance the need for disclosure against the energy companies’ right to safeguard against disclosure of proprietary information.

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