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Jonathan Kuller Quoted in “5 Tips for Insurers to Win Coverage Disputes,” Law360

April 13, 2015

Jonathan M. Kuller, a partner in Goldberg Segalla’s Global Insurance Services Practice Group, was recently quoted in a Law360 article offering guidance on how to simplify the often complex subject of insurance policies for juries or judges.

“The argument is made all the time that policies are confusing and difficult to understand, but the reality is that a lot of policy language has been around for a long time,” Jonathan said. “I think it’s important to demystify the product and demonstrate that it’s logical and there is an internal consistency to it.”

Aside from simplifying subject matter, Jonathan also talks about the benefits of attorneys humanizing their clients.

“It’s not advantageous to be perceived as representing some monolithic, faceless company,” he said. “I will tell the jury, from our side, that this case is about Joe Smith, who works in claims, and that Joe Smith gets up and goes to work every day like we all do and tries to do his best. ‘You’re going to find that, contrary to what Mr. Brown says, Joe Smith was not unfair to his client.'”

Read the article here:

5 Tips for Insurers to Win Coverage Disputes,” Law360, April 13, 2015 (subscription required)