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Joseph Hanna Featured in “Maxwell Student Delivers Golfing Gear to Troops Through Bunkers in Baghdad,” Syracuse University News

June 13, 2014
Joseph M. Hanna

“These men and women do so much for us day in and day out to protect our freedom and democracy; I thought the least I can do is to send them some golf clubs and balls,” Goldberg Segalla partner Joseph M. Hanna told Syracuse University News, discussing the U.S. troops, veterans, and wounded warriors who receive donations through Bunkers in Baghdad, the organization he began six years ago.

Shipments by Bunkers have reached 30 countries and all 50 states. On Memorial Day the organization reached the milestone of 5 million golf balls and 200,000 golf clubs donated for active and wounded soldiers, serving as recreation and an aid to recuperate.

In an effort to continue improving the charity, Joe decided to pursue an M.P.A. degree from Syracuse University Maxwell School. Set to graduate this month with a concentration in nonprofit organizations, Joe told Syracuse University News he will continue applying lessons from the classroom: “Every day, I’m implementing things that I learned in class, whether management-type courses or nonprofit classes or statistics.”

The long days from Buffalo to Syracuse for classes paid off, given the end result: “The number one thing that we hear back from the soldiers is ‘Thank you for not forgetting about us. Thank you for sending a slice of home,’” Joe said.

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