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Joseph M. Hanna Quoted in “Demand for NFL Tix Throws Wrench Into Pricing Challenges,” Law360

February 8, 2016
Joseph M. Hanna

Goldberg Segalla partner and Sports and Entertainment Practice Group Chair Joseph M. Hanna talked to Law360 about how and why a recent Third Circuit ruling — which quashed an objection to the Super Bowl ticket lottery system — highlights the difficulty in defining the effects restrictive ticket policies have on the market.

“There is a fair market price that people are willing to pay for tickets … and people buy them,” Joe said. “So if you want to go to that basketball game, and you see that the tickets are $250 or $300 even though the original ticket price was $25, you are going to pay it.”

With harm to consumers hard to determine, a report released in January by New York Attorney Eric Schneiderman doesn’t make any promises as to what, if anything, can be done about the gray area between overcharging and demand. As Joe said, the report itself begs that very question.

“At some point, is the attorney general going to flex his muscle and go after ticket brokers, or is it one of those things that at the end of the day, we are grandstanding?”

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