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Marc W. Brown Quoted in “5 Tips for Handling a Deposition,” REALTOR Mag

July 21, 2016
Marc W. Brown

Goldberg Segalla partner Marc W. Brown, of the firm’s Business and Commercial Practice Group, told REALTOR Mag that asking for clarification and avoiding guesswork or speculation are two important tips for real estate professionals to remember should they be deposed in a lawsuit involving a real estate deal.

Marc notes that if you can’t recall a detail or aren’t sure of an answer to a particular question, simply say so. “If you answer, it looks like you understand,” Marc says, “and if it turns out that [something you say] is not 100 percent correct, the other side will amplify it to the tenth degree before a jury.”

Marc also went over the pitfalls that could arise over the use of documents during depositions. The bottom line? Don’t bring—or even discuss—documents you’d rather not share.