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Preparation and Teamwork are the Cornerstones of Success for Partner John McConnell

February 28, 2023
John M. McConnell

Video Profile: As a standout Division I college athlete whose achievements earned him induction into Loyola University’s athletic Hall of Fame, John M. McConnell knows the importance of preparation and teamwork — principles which today he applies to his practice at Goldberg Segalla, where he is a partner and vice-chair of the firm’s Business and Commercial practice group.

“Together, we achieve more. We’re a team,” said John. “We need our clients, they need us, and we work together. And, by working with clients creatively and collaboratively, we strive to get exceptional results. It’s no different than if you were part of a football team or basketball team drawing up a play. It’s the same exact thing. We’re just drawing up plays.”

While John’s long record of success extends from the tennis court to the courtroom, he maintains it’s not just the thrill of victory that motivates him but also “the work you put in to trying to achieve successful results.”

“Over the years, I have spent many hours trying to learn my craft,” said John. “We’ve created such a great culture here in the Business and Commercial group. What inspires me is the work and success that so many of my colleagues here have had, which has made this firm so great. I want to continue to help our firm grow and get exceptional results for our clients. The best way I know how to do that is not just through teamwork with my colleagues or partners and associates here, but by working hard, hand in hand with our clients, too, who trust us.”