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Some States Expanding Statute of Limitations for Employer Discrimination and #MeToo Claims


Some States Expanding Statute of Limitations for Employer Discrimination and #MeToo Claims

May 10, 2021
Caroline J. Berdzik

In an article for Bloomberg Law, Caroline J. Berdzik, chair of the firm’s Employment and Labor practice, shares her insights on Ohio’s six-year filing period for discrimination and #MeToo lawsuits after a police officer’s years-long sexual harassment case ended before she could argue it in court as a result of a contractual six-month statute of limitations.

In the article, Caroline shared that a six-year statute of limitations for employment discrimination isn’t common, as most are two to three years. She added that shortening that period in an employment contract is also unusual, given that a statute of limitations is typically sacrosanct.

“It’s pretty rare that you would be able to truncate the period and narrow the statute of limitations,” Caroline said. “Whether someone can agree to that, in my experience, that’s a difficult hill to climb.”


Courts Diverge on Contracts That Shorten Time for #MeToo Claims,” Bloomberg Law, May 6, 2021


Caroline J. Berdzik is also chair of the firm’s Health Care and Long-Term Care groups. She devotes her practice to helping businesses, organizations, and management navigate the panoply of employment law issues, from proactive counseling through alternative dispute resolution and trial. She represents companies in diverse industries such as health care, transportation, retail, construction, insurance, and finance, as well as non-profit organizations and educational and religious institutions.