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Case Study

Settlement Spares Construction Company All Costs in Million-Dollar Property Damage Case

A New York City construction company and its owner were spared all damages and costs in a potentially million-dollar property claim involving water damage to multiple condominium units in south Greenwich Village in Manhattan.

Our client, the owner of the construction company, was completing a remodeling project in the condominium. The client’s subcontracted plumber cut water lines during the remodeling, causing significant property damage to five units as well as a building common area. Preliminary damages were estimated at over $1 million.

Partner Joseph A. Oliva conducted the initial investigations and analyzed the contract between our client and the negligent plumbing company. Partner Kelly A. McGee led the defense, and submitted a motion for summary judgment seeking contractual indemnity, defense fees, and costs against the negligent plumbing company. The motion went unopposed, and while it was pending the co-defendants reached a settlement for less than the plaintiff’s demand, with no contribution from our client.