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“But Is It Really a Pollutant? A National Overview of Pollution Exclusion Litigation,” Westlaw Journal: Environmental

“Courts have grappled with the interpretation and application of various iterations of the pollution exclusion, and exceptions to the pollution exclusion, since the 1970s. A review of the cases digested in this current update demonstrates how courts throughout the United States continue to take a diverse approach.”

Thomas F. Segalla and James D. Macri, lawyers in Goldberg Segalla’s Global Insurance Services Practice Group, note in this article authored for Westlaw Journal: Environmental: “Understanding where the courts stand in various jurisdictions, the rules of construction, and how choice of law analyses are used to interpret and apply the relevant policy provisions is beneficial to insurers and their legal counsel alike, as they work toward minimizing the risk of litigation or accessing available defenses when a coverage dispute arises.”

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