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“Construction Defect Claims in the Concrete Industry: An Overview,” Modern Contractor Solutions

July 25, 2019
Thomas More Buckley

Partner Thomas More Buckley of the Construction practice group discusses the types of concrete defects in construction defect claims that can be used in construction defect litigation.

In “Construction Defect Claims in the Concrete Industry: An Overview,” Thomas explains three different types of defects that can be used in a claim: design defects, material defects, and workmanship.

“Claims can also stem from a combination of these aspects. A lawyer may state a combination of some or all of these claims in an initial demand or pleading, pursuing claims as broadly as possible to cover all avenues of recovery. At the time a claim is made, it is not always clear what evidence will be available to support that claim once litigation and discovery ensue.”

More about Goldberg Segalla’s Thomas More Buckley:

Tom’s practice entails representing clients against catastrophic personal injury and death claims, unfair trade practice claims, and a wide variety of business and contractual disputes, including employment discrimination, wrongful termination, and disputes related to business dissolution. With an intimate understanding of business operations across numerous industries backed by decades of complex litigation experience, Tom also acts as a trusted legal counselor to a wide variety of businesses and professional practitioners, advising on matters such as LLC and corporate formation, contract preparation and negotiation, and the creation of safety programs and employee handbooks.