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“The Seventh Circuit Excludes Toxic Tort Experts for Analytical Gap,” IDC Quarterly

Second Quarter 2016
Ryan M. Frierott

“Experts play a critical role in crafting a successful tort action,” write Ryan M. Frierott and Kevin P. Lolli, lawyers in Goldberg Segalla’s Product Liability Practice Group. “Courts have long been recognized as a gatekeeper tasked with determining whether expert testimony is admissible.”

In this latest installment of the Product Liability column for the Illinois Association of Defense Counsel (IDC) Quarterly, Ryan and Kevin explore how this determination process is illustrated in C.W. v. Textron, Inc., 807 F.3d 827 (7th Cir. 2015) and how, in light of this decision, defendants must identify the conclusions of an opposing expert, as well as the studies and analysis supporting their opinions, to confirm there is no analytical gap between the studies and the case at hand.