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“Will COVID-19 Liability Releases Hold Up?”—Goldberg Segalla White Paper Examines the Enforceability of Pandemic-Related Exculpatory Clauses

Goldberg Segalla’s COVID-19 Task Force has released a white paper examining the enforceability of liability waivers in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 liability waivers are an increasingly common feature of life amid the pandemic. But will these waivers hold up in court?

In their white paper, Goldberg Segalla’s Jonathan S. Ziss, Christopher P. Maugans, and Jeffrey Cunningham examine the typical legal issues surrounding liability waivers, a variety of iterations of COVID-19 liability waivers, and several issues that hint at how courts will treat these documents and the legal claims seeking to challenge them.

Read the white paper: