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Bei Yang: Committed to Making a Positive Impact for Her Clients and Community


Bei Yang: Committed to Making a Positive Impact for Her Clients and Community

May 24, 2024
Bei Yang

For Newark-based Workers’ Compensation attorney Bei Yang, the importance of community is a value steeped in the Asian psyche and was a driving force in her decision to pursue a career in law.

“I went to law school wanting to make a positive impact on society and advocating for justice,” said Bei. “The Asian legal community actively engages in pro bono and volunteer services, offering crucial support to underserved communities and contributing positively to the legal profession.”

Fueled by finding solutions to the complex problems of others, Bei’s passion for the legal profession has only been solidified by the intellectual challenges she confronts in her day-to-day work, and, as she says, “the logical nature” of law, itself.

“I like problem-solving,” said Bei, who despite being just four years out of law school has again been recognized as a Rising Star by New Jersey Super Lawyers. “The Asian American community thrives on values like hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. These traits contribute immensely to our success and impact in the legal profession.”

According to Bei, that success has not come easy. She shares that when it comes to the practice of law in the United States, the Asian community faces its own share of unique challenges including:

  • Stereotypes or bias based on racial or cultural backgrounds leading to assumptions about abilities or roles within the legal profession.
  • Underrepresentation in leadership positions or in certain areas of law.
  • The ability to build networks and find mentors who have similar backgrounds and understand their experiences, culture and struggles.

Being a woman in the profession adds to those challenges, though Bei notes the tide is slowly turning in that regard.

“The current state of women in law reflects significant progress alongside persistent challenges,” she said. “Women in law have brought diverse perspectives and experiences to the legal profession, advocated for gender equality and fair treatment, and excelled in client representations. However, women are still underrepresented in leadership roles and facing challenges in juggling demanding legal careers and family responsibilities.”

That’s why Bei said she’s thankful to Goldberg Segalla for being a leader in “raising awareness about diversity and cultural competence, and fostering an inclusive and supportive environment.”

“We appreciate the ongoing efforts to address disparities and create opportunities for all minorities, including Asian Americans, to excel in the legal field,” she said. “GS does a great job in promoting diversity, offering flexible work arrangements, and providing supportive programs like ‘the Women’s Initiative’ to raise the visibility of women attorneys and provide support for their advancement within the firm.”

Such support has been critical for Bei as she builds her Workers’ Comp practice, which she says “has proven to be a perfect fit for me based on my practical experience and passion for the work.”

“I concentrate my practice on counseling and defending employers, insurers, and third-party administrators in workers’ compensation matters,” she said. “I am involved in every stage of the litigation process from inception through resolution.”

Bei said her approach to client service centers on fostering trust and reliability by demonstrating to those she represents her dedication to keeping them informed and involved “every step of the way.”

“I prioritize active listening and maintain open and thorough communication with my clients to understand their challenges,” Bei said. “Additionally, I emphasize responsiveness by promptly addressing clients’ inquiries. This approach ensures that I can resolve questions or seek further clarification while the client has the file open and the question fresh in their mind, enhancing my understanding of their challenges.”

When Bei does encounter uncertainties, she consults with colleagues and mentors to ensure she is able to address her clients’ concerns accurately and effectively. Again, she said, it’s another example of the supportive environment and culture of teamwork upon which GS is built.

“My supervisors — partners Noah Dennison and Esther Omoloyin — are always there when I have emergent or novel issues that need to be addressed. They also offer me a lot of useful advice on how to provide exceptional and reliable client service as well. And partner Mike Urcuyo, my mentor, goes above and beyond by regularly checking in with me and offering guidance and practice advice that has been instrumental in my growth as an attorney,” she said. “Other teammates and colleagues are also very generous in sharing their experiences and knowledge when I have specific questions.”

Bei is also thankful to her former professors in China “who encouraged me to go abroad to study and experience different legal knowledge, systems and practices.”

“I have studied and experienced two different cultures and legal systems, and I am practicing law in the United States with English as my second language,” said Bei. “This brings challenges, but GS has been incredibly supportive, helping me overcome these obstacles to contribute effectively to the legal field.”