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Maryland Court Scrutinizes Product Identification Evidence and Grants Summary Judgment to Crane Co.

U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, July 16, 2015

In this Maryland case, the court properly considered the plaintiff’s testimony and other evidence, and granted Crane Co.’s summary judgment motion: “At no time did Crane Co. ever manufacture ‘Crane’ brand packing material, sheet gasket material, or pre-formed gaskets. It is well-known in asbestos litigation that valves identified with the name ‘Crane’ are Crane Co. products, whereas packing and gaskets identified with the name ‘Crane’ are products manufactured by John Crane Inc., an entirely separate and distinct company. Misidentification of valves as ‘John Crane’ products or packing and gaskets as ‘Crane Co.’ products frequently occurs. However, it is well-understood by attorneys on both sides of the bar, as well as by courts that routinely handle asbestos matters, that these are two separate entities that manufactured entirely distinct products.”

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