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Modified Food Means Modified Regulations


Modified Food Means Modified Regulations

June 20, 2012

The European Commission recently indicated that it may consider easing restrictions on the importation of unapproved genetically modified (GM) food.  Currently, the European Union (EU) has a zero-tolerance policy toward unapproved GM foods.  If a change in policy does occur it would follow an EU food safety committee approval of the sale of animal feed with trace amounts of imported genetically modified material. 

Exporters and importers of animal feed sold in the EU that contains genetically modified materials were alerted last year to a change in policy.  That change allowed imported products to contain up to 0.1 percent GM materials, so long as they have been approved for sale in a non EU nation and are covered by either a pending or expired EU authorization.  Companies had to adapt to the new regulations related to genetically modified materials in animal feed.  Similarly, if the restrictions on unapproved GM food are eased it will be critical for all companies involved in or entering this market to be fully informed about local regulations. 

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