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On Choosing Law and the Right Law Firm: Meet Leigh Henjes


On Choosing Law and the Right Law Firm: Meet Leigh Henjes

June 23, 2022
Leigh Henjes

Before Leigh Henjes joined our team in January he interviewed with a number of law firms. But it was fairly clear that Goldberg Segalla was where he wanted to be.

“I chose GS because of the people. It was the only interview where I left feeling like my interviewers had a genuine interest in me and my professional success,” Leigh said. “That feeling did not end at the interview.”

Over the last six months, Leigh has found that the comradery at GS makes the team unique.

Although both of Leigh’s parents were also lawyers, he did not always know he would choose this profession. During his undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts, his career interests intersected between science and law/policy. But after connecting with a friend who possessed 20-plus years in worker’s compensation law, and through his own independent research, Leigh decided the legal path was the right fit.

Through his experience at Rutgers Law School, and in working in the legal industry the past two years, Leigh has determined that one essential component for success is mentorship. He believes it’s important to have both professional and personal mentors to stay on track and to ensure accountability.

When sitting down for a mentor-mentee meeting, some like to check out a new coffee shop and others set up a working lunch. One of Leigh’s favorite spots for an impactful meeting is his in-home recording studio. During these sessions, he gathers with his friends to discuss school and work, and they offer one another an encouraging motivational push when necessary. The comfortable setting allows their group to be able to catch up and, of course, create some music since they are already in the studio.

When asked what fuels his work, Leigh passionately shared his love for continued education, stating, “Each day is another opportunity to learn something I did not know before.”

Getting involved in the community also has been a way for Leigh to continue his growth. Since 2016, Leigh has been a volunteer, educator and panelist supporting the LGBTQ+ Community. He’s had the opportunity to teach classes about fundamental concepts such as reviewing definitions, and more specifically, he leads educational classes on the transgender population. Leigh’s audience has ranged from speaking to sororities and fraternities to vice presidents of large corporations. Leigh’s success in teaching these courses lies in his ability to “use [his] own experiences to help others understand what may seem like complicated topics.”