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On Choosing Law and the Right Law Firm: William V. Morrison, Partner


On Choosing Law and the Right Law Firm: William V. Morrison, Partner

October 12, 2022
William V. Morrison

William V. Morrison wears many hats. Attorney, mentor, advocate, volunteer – the list goes on. Since his early years in school, Bill always had an interest in the criminal justice system and law, but most specifically, he was passionate about helping others.

“Just knowing that your work has purpose and waking up every day knowing that you’re going to do something that helps somebody – clarifying something for a client, for a business, for a corporation – just knowing that you’re going to help them on a daily basis, that fuels me every day.”

Bill earned his J.D. from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2010, and joined Goldberg Segalla in 2020. “I’ve worked in quite a few different places, even before law school. GS really is home for me. It’s unparalleled in terms of work environment, work-life balance, and work camaraderie,” he shared.

Since joining the firm, Bill has been busy both inside and outside of the office. Because of his focus on helping others, Bill enjoys mentoring those within the firm and being there when he’s needed. Whether it’s being a role model through his actions, coaching on the fly, or having a formal meeting with an associate to discuss specific legal practices, Bill tries to set a good example each day for his team.

In his spare time, Bill likes to make a difference in his community. He is a volunteer firefighter in Otisville, and does pro bono work for the Shawangunk Fish and Game Association, a local hunting and fishing club. Bill is also a member of the National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR).

Bill believes living life without a disability can sometimes be taken for granted. “People wake up in the morning, do their job, come home, and they might not be aware of the problems and issues that people are dealing with on a daily basis. It’s important to raise awareness for things like this, especially as it relates to diversity and inclusion.”

At Goldberg Segalla, we recognize that our differences make us stronger, and that diversity includes having different abilities. Being involved with NADR allows Bill to be an advocate for those living with disabilities.