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Running for Inclusivity while Running a Law Practice: Meet Jill Forman Marks


Running for Inclusivity while Running a Law Practice: Meet Jill Forman Marks

March 24, 2022
Jill Forman Marks

Jill Forman Marks has been heading Goldberg Segalla’s Workers’ Compensation practice in Florida for five years. With more than twenty years of experience representing employers, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators in workers’ compensation matters, Jill has also grown her practice substantially in the construction industry.

Outside of all the work she does in the firm’s West Palm Beach and Miami offices, Jill runs to promote inclusivity and build community with an organization called IRun4. A combination of both online communities and in person events, IRun4 pairs runners like Jill with children and adults with mental/physical disabilities. In doing so, they foster an environment of mentorship and bonding while providing a platform for the runners to raise awareness for their younger partners’ afflictions. It isn’t uncommon for Jill to run with the name of her paired child on her back, share inspirational messages within their online platforms, and foster a positive, supportive environment in Florida with the organization.

“Fundamentally we’re all the same; deep down we all want connection,” said Jill. “In many ways, you are able to make a difference and reach people you may not have had a chance to before.”

Jill’s sense of building community extends into her work within Goldberg Segalla, across the entirety of the firm, even beyond Florida. “There are many great attorneys to work with across any number of states and practice areas,” Jill explained. “There is a breadth of knowledge in Goldberg Segalla, where you can reach out to others and work collaboratively to truly assist and meet clients’ needs.”