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Seth Laver Provides Guidance on Properly Closing a File with Attorney Protective


Seth Laver Provides Guidance on Properly Closing a File with Attorney Protective

November 3, 2023
Seth L. Laver

Goldberg Segalla’s Seth L. Laver, in an article written for Attorney Protective, provides insight to attorneys on proper case-closing procedures.

“Best practices mandate that all professionals, notably attorneys, engage in a series of important tasks when closing a file,” said Seth, a partner in the firm’s Management and Professional Liability practice and vice-chair of its Accountants Professional Liability practice.

“Poor practices at the end of an assignment,” he added, “can lead to conflicts issues, document retention woes, client confusion or worse.”

An effective closing process, Seth said, entails three steps: “(a) drafting a closing letter to the client, (b) taking an account of any outstanding payments, and (c) initiating an administrative closing of the matter.”

Additionally, Seth said that establishing a sound case-closing protocol that includes collaboration and input of appropriate colleagues across the firm is key.

Seth’s article lists several tips for attorneys to keep in mind, such as developing a file closing checklist and checking it off accordingly, considering a closing file memo, switching to paperless case closing procedures, and developing a system where materials related to closed cases can still easily be accessed.

“While the end of the year is a great time to focus on file closures,” Seth said, “it is also a practical time to revisit your firm’s closing policy.”


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Seth L. Laver, vice chair of Goldberg Segalla’s Accountants Professional Liability practice, devotes the majority of his practice to defending professionals, primarily representing accountants, attorneys, directors and officers, and design professionals. A trial attorney for nearly 20 years, Seth is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, but regularly counsels and represents professionals throughout the United States.