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“State Efforts to Mandate Cover Fall Short”: Jeffrey L. Kingsley Quoted in Business Insurance


“State Efforts to Mandate Cover Fall Short”: Jeffrey L. Kingsley Quoted in Business Insurance

March 5, 2021
Jeffrey L. Kingsley

“I don’t see an uptick or a push for retroactive business interruption carveouts this year,” Goldberg Segalla’s Jeffrey L. Kingsley said in an article for Business Insurance about legislative efforts to force insurers to retroactively cover business interruption claims due to COVID-19 or provide prospective coverage for future pandemics.

In the article, Jeff, co-chair of Goldberg Segalla’s Global Insurance Services group, discusses how he wasn’t surprised to see efforts in certain jurisdictions last year “try to retroactively eliminate an exclusion or declare that somehow this virus was a physical loss to cover.” He also said the pressure to provide some sort of compensation has eased a little, because of financial relief that was provided by the federal government.

“It would be a hard sell, unless there is some type of change in the direction of the pandemic, to see the legislators really take it up and push it forward,” Jeff said.


State Efforts to Mandate Cover Fall Short,” Business Insurance, March 4, 2021


Jeffrey L. Kingsley is the co-chair of the firm’s Global Insurance Services practice and oversees a team of 65 attorneys, handling matters from cybersecurity to extra-contractual bad faith litigation. Jeff handles a wide range of complex insurance and reinsurance coverage, environmental claims, commercial and regulatory issues, and extra-contractual liability arbitration and litigation. He has extensive experience handling and consulting clients on complex allocation issues, regulatory issues, arbitrations, transactional issues, and disputes involving the eco bad faith exposure across the country.