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Joseph Acosta: Committed to the Success of His Clients and Team GS


Joseph Acosta: Committed to the Success of His Clients and Team GS

September 22, 2023
Joseph A. Acosta

Looking back, Joseph A. Acosta’s decision to practice law seemed only natural.

“I have had a strong inclination for advocacy since I was little, or what my parents would call ‘argumentative,’” recalled Joe, a partner in Goldberg Segalla’s Workers’ Compensation practice group.

Advocate, arguer — either way, Joe was inspired to become one of the first attorneys in his family, a pursuit he credits his father for influencing significantly. Though more business- and tech-oriented, his father also had an interest in the legal profession, and Joe’s decision to become an attorney serves as a major point of family pride.

“I decided fairly early on that law was the career path I wanted to take,” Joe said. “But I did not step into the world of Workers’ Compensation defense until after I graduated law school and obtained my license.”

After working nearly five-and-a-half years in that capacity, Joe made the decision to join Goldberg Segalla in February 2022, attracted by the firm’s commitment to its clients and achieving successful outcomes.

“I was able to appreciate the extent of the firm’s commitment to not only their clients, but to their employees,” Joe said. “There is a strong understanding at Goldberg Segalla that our strength lies in our diversity and our ability to come together as a team.”

Since joining the firm, Joe has continued to grow his practice. Whether it’s meeting with clients to discuss case strategy and litigation plans, analyzing new files and claims for settlement, or appearing in court to take on challenging cases, Joe’s driven by the desire to do his very best.

“I want great results for my clients and to be the best version of myself. I want to be part of the reason why our team excels.”

Joe also believes that part of the reason why Team GS excels is due to its strongly held value of diversity. While the legal industry, Joe said “has been known to be less inclusive on its face, Goldberg Segalla is conscious of this issue and takes every measure to ensure that our team is not under-represented.”

He is also committed to the principle of mentorship. Knowing how niche, challenging and complex the legal industry can be, Joe believes having a mentor can be critical to sharing ideas, working through difficult times, and finding sources of encouragement.

“I am lucky enough that my mentor from my prior firm has also joined Goldberg Segalla: Shoutout to Ian Zolty,” Joe said. “I have also been lucky to be a mentor figure and source of advice, both at my prior firm and at Goldberg Segalla.”

Outside of the office, Joe encourages taking the time to have a bit of fun, recommending too that everyone try karaoke at least once.

And as for Goldberg Segalla, Joe said, “I plan to continue my career here and continue to grow as an attorney, both in court and with client development.”