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Kevin Ong Makes His Impact One Courtroom and Connection at a Time


Kevin Ong Makes His Impact One Courtroom and Connection at a Time

May 23, 2023
Kevin K. Ong

Video Profile: When faced with a choice of business school or law school, Kevin Ong reflected on his desire to do something professionally that would have an impact not just in his world, but also the world as a whole. He also recognized the strength of his personal competitive side and the need for intellectual stimulation. Ultimately, with these in mind, law was the clear winner.

Now, as a partner in Goldberg Segalla’s Workers’ Compensation practice out of the Los Angeles office, he can put both his competitive side and desire for intellectual stimulation into action in a supportive environment at the firm.

“I really appreciate the emphasis of Team GS and the family atmosphere of the firm and practice groups while being a larger firm with resources to match.” Kevin found that the family feel mixed with the national scale drew him to the firm. “You really get to work together, get to know your colleagues better. And that’s been one of the driving forces in terms of what has inspired me at GS.”

While he often deals with cases involving workplace injuries, there really is no typical day for Kevin’s practice as a workday can include anything from hearings to reviewing medical reports, conversing with clients about case developments, and more. He highly values the opportunity to represent his clients equitably and competently.

“There’s an ongoing lesson in humility and understanding that there’s two sides to every story. And you must get to the truth and stick to your fact-finding mission to ensure everybody is represented fairly and equitably.”

Diverse representation in and outside of the courtroom is a strong principle for Kevin. As a second-generation Chinese American immigrant, Kevin values the unique history of his family’s experiences and the country and how it impacts the world he works within today. He reflects on his parents coming to the United States for school, and how they faced both adversity and opportunity.

“It’s not one race or one ethnicity that has contributed to making this country so great,” Kevin expressed. “To me, it’s important that we all are recognized for it and that we’re all given the same opportunities to continue to make this country what it is.”

Conducting his practice in Southern California, he finds it amazing that within the legal field he sees “all shapes, sizes, colors, genders represented” and that there is a growth in diversity of those represented in the courtroom.

As a partner with more than a decade of experience in law, Kevin attributes success to building and maintaining a strong network and learning from that network. He believes you should be receptive to guidance and to “trust your network.” Perpetual learning from many sources is also key, with Kevin believing that “we’re constantly growing and it’s not any one person that teaches us. We learn from all the different experiences and all the different people that surround us.”

Kevin advises new lawyers who are starting out to be unafraid of building connections and asking questions. “No attorney practices on an island” are words that Kevin uses as a consistent guide.

“No matter what questions you have, no matter what situations or issues arise, understand that you are not alone. The people around you will be able to help point you in the right direction, and those relationships and bonds are absolutely invaluable.”

When not in the courtroom, honing his law skills, or connecting with his network, Kevin spends his time with his family, including raising two young children.