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New Goldberg Segalla Partners Featured in Law360 and Law360 Pulse


New Goldberg Segalla Partners Featured in Law360 and Law360 Pulse

October 1, 2021

Goldberg Segalla grew with the addition of partners Marc A. Deitch, Colleen E. Hayes, and Alan M. Leff, adding depth to the firm’s Transportation, Global Insurance Services, and Workers’ Compensation practice groups in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Marc, Colleen, and Alan joined Goldberg Segalla on September 27, 2021, a development covered in Law360 and Law360 Pulse.

“I certainly believe Goldberg Segalla will provide all avenues for not only practice growth, but also an array of internal resources in order to expand the reach of our presence in the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation sphere as we continue to climb out of the ongoing pandemic restrictions,” Alan M. Leff said in an interview with Law360 Pulse.

In the interview with Law360 Pulse, Christopher J. Belter, chief operating officer at Goldberg Segalla, shared that the addition of the new partners is part of the firm’s overall growth strategy.

“We are focused on attracting talented and experienced attorneys to join Goldberg Segalla across our many practice groups,” Chris said. “Consistent with our industry-focused growth strategy, throughout 2021, we have prioritized expansion in our existing footprint and welcomed new partners in many of our offices in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and Florida.”

In the interview, the three new partners expressed what joining Goldberg Segalla means to each of them.

“The firm has one of the largest Global Insurance Services practice groups in the United States,” Colleen said. “The practice group is comprised of professionals, nationwide, who have been called upon to handle domestic and international insurance coverage needs. I believe joining such an experienced team will only continue to strengthen my practice and ensure clients receive the highest level of customized legal guidance on any insurance-related issue.”

Additionally, Marc told Law360 Pulse he decided to join Goldberg Segalla because of the firm’s reputation, team mentality, and resources.

“The firm’s resources include, but are not limited to, several experienced attorneys from whom I can continue to learn and improve, both personally and professionally,” he said.