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Resiliency, Adaptability, and Tenacity: Meet Mitra Karimi


Resiliency, Adaptability, and Tenacity: Meet Mitra Karimi

July 21, 2023
Mitra Karimi

“I always tell my daughter to wake up in the morning and just think: ‘You know what? I am going to go out and get it!’” Mitra Karimi said. “I don’t know what I’m going to get, but I’m going to go out and get it!”

The drive to push forward and always do her best under any circumstance has been a cornerstone to Mitra’s legal career, guiding her through the profession’s many challenges.

It also has been a cornerstone to her life.

Born in Iran, Mitra is no stranger to adversity. At a young age, her family moved to the United States, residing first in Oklahoma before moving to California.

She has lived through the horrific impact of war and its devastating societal effects. Not only did she learn how to defend and advocate for herself at a young age, but from her early youth she would often jump in to defend others and be an advocate for her fellow students in school.

“I think my inspiration and my drive comes from so much adversity that I have gone through in my life and so much hardship,” Mitra explained. “I spent nights in bomb shelters, saw bombs blow up in squares while going grocery shopping.”

Her tenacity and passion were recognized by her father, who had completed his legal degree in their home country. He recognized how her skills and drive could translate to the legal profession.

“My father’s guidance throughout the years helped lead me down the path of which classes to take, to see if this was really my passion,” Mitra said. “He recognized something in me that I am very glad he helped flourish.”

With over 15 years of legal experience in Workers’ Compensation, Mitra is a partner in Goldberg Segalla’s Los Angeles office. She represents a wide variety of clients in complex Workers’ Compensation and employment matters. The firm’s culture of teamwork, Mitra said, as well as the value it places on work-life balance, and the appreciation for attorneys’ families and time out of the office, make for a positive and enjoyable environment.

Mitra is also a member of the firm’s Diversity Task Force and Women’s Initiative, two programs that promote mentoring, diversity, professional development, and networking both in and outside of the firm.

“It’s up to all of us individually to keep going as women and help support each other,” Mitra said of her work with the Women’s Initiative. “It’s very important to provide a supportive system for women in our male-dominated industry.”

As a minority woman with English as her second language, Mitra values diversity in the legal industry. It is important that she, and her fellow attorneys, have the choice to be as successful as they strive to be, and that there is not a plateau or limitation simply because an attorney is a woman or a minority. Mitra also believes that networking and mentoring are incredibly powerful tools for attorneys.

“The legal profession is not only about your education,” Mitra said. “It’s also about networking, the way you handle yourself, and the way you handle relationships.”

She further emphasized the importance of mentoring and serving as a mentor, noting “Mentoring gives an attorney the opportunity to pick the brain of a more experienced attorney to ask questions and seek advice.”

Upon reflection, Mitra said the adversity she has faced has only strengthened her resolve and determination in her own life and career, and her commitment to encourage others along their own personal and professional career path. Her advice to diverse women attorneys is “to stick your head up and go full force in the face of adversity and to not be afraid of anything.”

Outside of the legal world, Mitra loves to stay active on hikes or running marathons, visit museums, support charities, read, and contribute to food drives.

And she continues to bring the tenacity she has cultivated over her journey to her legal practice.

“It’s what you learn on your journey that builds your character,” she said.