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The passions and pastimes of Team GS

Fun Facts

The more you know about our team, the more interesting they become!

Members of the Women’s Initiative were surprised to discover how many marathon runners are in the group. Team GS has gone beyond the billable hour to excel in a diverse array of exciting activities and adventurous pursuits, from scuba skills to TV game shows, competitive curling, and charity work. Learn more about them below.

Christina M. Holdsworth, a partner in Buffalo.

David Majcak, a partner in our West Palm Beach office.

Catherine Higgins, a partner in our West Palm Beach office.

John McConnell, a partner in our Princeton office.

Chris McGowan, a partner in our Philadelphia office.

Joseph M. Hanna, a partner in Buffalo. 

Michael D. Shalhoub, a partner in White Plains.

Valerie Shea - Fun Facts

Valerie Shea, a partner from our Miami office.

Christopher F. Lyon

Chris Lyon, a partner in our Manhattan office.

Jason Botticelli, a partner in our Buffalo office.


Jill Forman Marks, a partner in our West Palm Beach office.


Karen Saab-Dominguez, a partner in our Garden City office.