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The power of a team approach

Our Culture

A culture of collaboration

When we surveyed to ask clients, attorneys and staff to describe what makes Goldberg Segalla unique, hands-down, the most popular answer was that we’re a collaborative team.

Internally, we are known as “Team GS.” We have an all-for one mentality that translates to seamless external client support. Throughout the firm – whether an attorney or a member of the support staff contributing to the firm’s success – we support each other and combine our efforts to generate innovative solutions and drive better results.

We value the diversity of our team and strive to maintain an enjoyable work culture for everyone, where leadership is rewarded, and efficiency, mutual respect, and working together for the common good are traits we all embody.

The positive culture we work tirelessly to uphold is what drives a superior law firm experience for our community and, ultimately, for our clients.

Goldberg Segalla does things differently, in how we treat each other and how we treat our clients. It’s a team mentalityworking together, not for individual results but for team results.

Seth L. Laver, Partner

Team approach to client service

Practice groups are managed in small, close-knit groups of attorneys who strategize and call on clients together. On any given day, our attorneys reach out to colleagues in other cities or practice groups to take advantage of their particular expertise for precisely the right answer to a specific client question or concern. So even though a client may be in contact with one attorney, our collective approach allows every attorney to benefit from the wisdom and hard-earned insights of our own on-staff experts who will happily pause what they are doing to help a colleague.

There is no underlying competition. We all want everyone to be the best they can be because the goal is to zealously advocate on behalf of our clients.

Annette J. Lucas, Partner