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The team that keeps us moving forward

Firm Leadership

Facilitation Committee

Goldberg Segalla’s leadership team is responsible for oversight of all aspects of the firm’s client service, culture, resources, and strategic growth.

Christopher J. Belter

Chris Belter joined Goldberg Segalla as an associate in 2001, just six months after the firm’s founding.  A trial lawyer—he has taken more than 100 trials and arbitrations to verdict or award—Chris was instrumental in building out the firm’s construction and commercial litigation capabilities. He now co-chairs the firm’s Corporate Services and Commercial Litigation practice and its Construction practice.  In June 2020, he became the first attorney to serve as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer.

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What was your very first job?

    • Grill cook at Ted’s Hot Dogs

What is your greatest athletic achievement?

    • A 175-yard, uphill, stiff wind in your face, hole-in-one.

If you could have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    • Bob & John’s Pizza

What musician have you most consistently listened to throughout your life?

    • Led Zeppelin and The Who

What is your favorite podcast?

    • Breaking Points

Caroline Berdzik

Caroline J. Berdzik

Caroline Berdzik joined Goldberg Segalla’s Princeton office as a partner in 2012, coming from a position as in-house counsel at the largest privately held long-term care company in New Jersey, with operations throughout the United States. With a deep background in all areas of employment and labor law and a wealth of experience in health care and long-term care, Caroline helped to expand the firm’s capabilities in these areas. Caroline stepped up as chair of the Employment and Labor practice and helped grow it from a small team in Upstate New York into a nationally recognized practice of nearly 50 attorneys with particularly deep benches across the Northeast and in California. She is co-chair of the firm’s Women’s Initiative and has held numerous leadership positions in professional organizations, including the FDCC and DRI.

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If you could be a contestant on any game show, which one would it be?

    • Beat Shazam

On long car rides, what do you listen to: Music, podcasts or audiobooks?

    • Music, always – I like to make playlists of all different genres.

What song could you happily go the rest of your life never hearing again?

    • Celebration” by Kool and the Gang

You can go anywhere in the world for a quiet week, uninterrupted. Where are you going?

    • The Azores

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

    • Cat person – you have to earn their affection and trust.

David L. Brown

David Brown joined Goldberg Segalla as a partner in 2015, helping to open its office in North Carolina. David brought to Team GS his experience as managing partner of his previous firm, and quickly stepped up as co-chair of Goldberg Segalla’s Global Insurance Services practice. A nationally renowned insurance coverage attorney, David has tried more than 75 cases to verdict, and has been lead counsel in over 50 appeals to state and federal appellate courts.

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What musician have you most consistently listened to throughout your life?

    • James Taylor

What movie do you watch through to the end, no matter what part you land on when flipping channels?

    • Any of the “Mission Impossible” movies.

If you could advise your younger self as a lawyer, what wisdom would you impart?

    • Make sure that you fully understand your client’s business needs.

What were your favorite sports to play as a youth?

    • Basketball and tennis

What is one thing most people would never guess about you?

    • I am a fan of Broadway musicals – the “Wicked” soundtrack is frequently playing in my car.

Damon M. Gruber attorney

Damon M. Gruber

Damon Gruber joined Goldberg Segalla in 2007 as the firm’s first workers’ compensation attorney. In short order, the novel approach that Damon developed revolutionized the practice of workers’ compensation law in New York State, and some of the firm’s largest national clients began to demand the same level of service in other markets. Today, Damon is co-chair of Goldberg Segalla’s Workers’ Compensation practice, the largest at the firm with over 120 lawyers across more than 20 offices, serving insurers, third-party administrators, and major self-insured employers in a variety of industries. Directly handling workers’ compensation claims in over 10 states and overseeing local counsel in many others, Goldberg Segalla is recognized today as the preeminent workers’ compensation practice in the nation.

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What movie do you watch through to the end, no matter what part you land on when flipping channels?

    • Die Hard” – Yippee ki-yay (I also have the same last name as the villain, Hans Gruber)

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

    • A dog person – dogs are fiercely loyal and offer unconditional love and support.

On long car rides, what do you listen to: Music, podcasts or audiobooks?

    • I have recently started listening to audiobooks. My favorite recent one is Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.

What is your go-to book for a reread that always lands with fresh insight?

    • I have read Born To Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen at least five times. It’s a fascinating, motivating, and uplifting story.

What piece of advice helped your career the most?

    • It is important to show your clients that you care as much as they do.

Joseph M. Hanna

Joe Hanna joined Goldberg Segalla in 2005 as the youngest associate ever hired at the firm. He founded and continues to chair Goldberg Segalla’s Diversity Task Force, a group of attorneys from across the firm’s footprint and practice areas dedicated to conceptualizing and implementing diversity-focused programs and giving diversity a voice in decision-making at the highest level. He has been recognized nationally for his leadership in advancing diversity by the ABA, DRI, LCLD, and other organizations. A commercial litigator and advisor to clients including large retail and restaurant chains, global hospitality enterprises, and national commercial developers, Joe serves as chair of the firm’s Retail and Hospitality practice. He also founded and chairs the firm’s Sports and Entertainment practice, and represents multiple major league sports franchises. In addition, Joe is founder and president of Bunkers in Baghdad, a nonprofit that collects and sends golf equipment to U.S. troops and veterans worldwide to aid in recreation and rehabilitation from injuries.

Click here to learn more about Bunkers in Baghdad.

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If you were limited to having just one item on your bucket list, what would it be?

    • Playing 18 holes at Augusta National Golf Club.

What was your senior quote?

    • “Continue to grow, but never change who you are – kind, generous, and personable.” Joseph Lucenti (1998)

You can go anywhere in the world for a quiet week, uninterrupted. Where are you going?

    • Dublin, Ireland

What was your favorite age growing up?

    • Age 6. G.I. Joe, the 1986 Mets, Syracuse Orangemen basketball, and Hulk Hogan – life was good!

Who was your favorite superhero as a kid?

    • My dad