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Coronavirus Rapid Response Task Force

Coronavirus Rapid Response Task Force

Attorneys and professionals across our 22-office, 11-state domestic footprint spend each day advising clients in a variety of industries on evolving legal and regulatory matters related to the coronavirus pandemic. These attorneys—comprising our national Coronavirus Rapid Response Task Force—collaboratively advise clients on the most critical questions that face them today, from employment and labor matters to fast-evolving regulatory concerns and unanticipated liability claims and business litigation.

These attorneys are available 24/7 to help address the unique challenges that our clients are facing due to the coronavirus global health crisis. Clients are welcome to contact our Coronavirus Task Force via email and can rest assured that the attorney best positioned to meet their needs will respond quickly.

In addition, our task force contains subgroups dedicated to the specific concerns facing employers and insurers. Click below to learn more:

  • Employment and Labor Coronavirus Rapid Response Team

  • National Coronavirus Insurance Coverage Counsel



With deep experience spanning health care and long-term care, retail and hospitality, transportation and logistics, construction, manufacturing, professional services, and more, we are prepared to advise leading companies and organizations in virtually any sector on critical business and operational concerns as well as defense in a range of coronavirus-related claims. We represent clients in business and litigated matters involving:

  • Business interruption
  • Business disputes and contractual obligations
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring
  • Construction litigation, including delay/compression claims
  • Cybersecurity risks
  • Debt collection, including student loan debt collection professional liability claims and FDCPA class actions
  • Directors’ and officers’ (D&O) claims
  • Employment practices liability
  • Environmental law
  • Errors and omissions (E&O) and financial/insurance professional liability claims
  • M&A and corporate finance
  • Medical malpractice and health care liability
  • Municipal liability
  • Product liability and life sciences claims
  • Real estate issues
  • Toxic torts
  • Workers’ compensation claims alleging coronavirus exposure


Contact any member of our Coronavirus Rapid Response Team for immediate guidance.

Caroline J. Berdzik
Chair, Employment and Labor | Chair, Health Care | Chair, Long-Term Care
Princeton | Philadelphia | Manhattan
609.986.1314 |

Jeffrey L. Kingsley
Co-Chair, Global Insurance Services
Manhattan | Buffalo
716.566.5434 |

Damon M. Gruber
Co-Chair, Workers’ Compensation
Manhattan | Buffalo
716.566.5491 |

Jonathan S. Ziss
Chair, Management and Professional Liability
267.519.6820 |

Peter J. Biging
Vice Chair, Management and Professional Liability
646.292.8711 |

Colleen M. Murphy
Leader, Insurance Agents and Brokers Defense
716.844.3412 |

Joseph J. Welter
Chair, Toxic Tort and Environmental Law
Buffalo | Manhattan
716.566.5457 |

Joseph Cagnoli Jr.
Vice Chair, Toxic Tort
267.519.6865 |

David J. O’Connell
Co-Chair, Product Liability
312.572.8405 |

David S. Osterman
Co-Chair, Product Liability | Co-Chair, Class Action Litigation
609.986.1310 |

Christopher J. Belter
Chair, Corporate Services and Commercial Litigation
Buffalo | Manhattan
716.566.5412 |

Emilio F. Grillo
Co-Chair, General Liability
646.292.8710 |

Scott R. Green
Garden City | Manhattan
516.281.9859 |

Stephen C. Mazzara
Los Angeles | Orange County
213.415.7210 |

Christopher P. Maugans
716.710.5825 |